Botanical Jewelry by Jen Hackney

When you think about the last time you stood on a hill overlooking the sea, or walked down a trail into quiet woods, or came across a stunning wildflower, do you remember how that felt?

Maybe all the details of your life, weighing down on you, fell away for a moment. Perhaps you took a deep breath, feeling like you were a free and natural part of our incredible world. Wasn’t that great?

Jewelry Maker Jen HackneyI love that feeling. I try to get out into nature as often as possible. I’ve been drawn to the outdoors since I was a child, when the shapes of seeds and flowers intrigued me so much that I would take them apart to see what was inside and how they worked. In college, my favorite class was Plant Anatomy, where I happily spent many lab hours drawing botanical structures I saw under the microscope.

As an adult, I worked for a large corporation for many years. But sometimes childhood memories pull us back to ourselves. A few years ago I started making jewelry with designs based on plant forms and natural elements.

This work allows me to be creative in a meaningful way, while also contributing to environmental causes I admire and support. I can't think of anything more important than protecting our planet, especially when I hike through beautiful wild spaces and see just how much we have to lose.

When I recall shapes I've seen in nature and incorporate them into jewelry, I make pieces that feel like talismans, or symbols of that feeling of the natural world being my true home. Through my jewelry, I can keep that feeling and bring it with me everywhere. And I can share it with you.